Chapter Accreditation Program

Chapter Accreditation Program

Why do we need The Chapter Accreditation Program?

The National Fraternity of Phi Mu Delta has had a wonderful and prosperous history for the last ninety-eight years. The Fraternity has witnessed its “Golden Age” in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s and the near fatal years in the 1970’s. Many gifted and dedicated men have come forward in our time of need to rebuild, reinforce and reinvigorate the Fraternity. And, while the Fraternity is not in a time of great crisis, it is time to call upon a new generation of great men to have a vision for our future. This vision will make the Fraternity the best small, national fraternity in the North-American Inter-fraternity Conference. In addition, it will ensure Phi Mu Delta’s existence into the next one hundred years!

What are the Standards?

After evaluating the existing documents and reviewing the ideas of our ad hoc committee from the 2002 National Conclave, the basic elements of our vision began to take shape. If we ask our members what they hope to gain from their membership or if we ask alumni what their membership has given them, we will receive a variety of answers. We summarize these into seven core areas:

  1. Chapter Management
  2. Scholarship
  3. Civic Engagement
  4. Finance
  5. Communications
  6. Membership & Recruitment
  7. Programming

An important item to understand is that none of these elements require us to have the largest chapter or the most beautiful chapter house on campus. They require us as a Fraternity to create an environment where men can truly have an experience unlike any other offered on our host campuses. It requires us to live our ideals and to make daily decisions guided by our values.

How do we gauge our success?

Overall Score and Performance Category

79% or less of Total Points Below Accreditation Standards

80% - 89% of Total Points Meets Accreditation Standards

90% - 100% of Total Points Above Accreditation Standards

Chapters who receive a “Below Accreditation Standards” score for two consecutive terms will be brought before the Accreditation Committee and risk losing their charter.