Alumni Associations

Form an Association or House Corps.

So you would like to Form a Recognized Alumni Association or House Corporation?

 All Alumni Associations are not recognized by the National Fraternity unless they are formally chartered and remain in good standing with the Fraternity. In order to be chartered, all alumni associations are required to submit the application paperwork, listed below:

1) Certificate of good standing issued by the state of your incorporation.
 2) Copy of your last Form 990 from the IRS.
 3) A list of all Directors and Officers with the understanding that all must be in good standing with the Fraternity.
 4) A Copy of your By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation

 All recognized alumni associations are afforded full voting rights at the National Conclave and are required to send, at least, one representative to the Conclave to remain in good standing. In addition, each alumni association is expected to support the National Insurance program with an annual payment of $500. A one-time chartering fee of $100 is assessed to newly recognized alumni associations.

Currently Recognized Alumni Associations & House Corporations

Alpha Sigma Omega, Inc
Mu Alpha (Susquehanna)
House Corps.
Mu Beta Alumni Association
Mu Beta (Ohio Northern)
Alumni Association
Mu Beta House Corps.
Mu Beta (Ohio Northern)
House Corps.
Omega Delta Epsilon
Mu Epsilon (Penn State)
Alumni Association
Mu Zeta Alumni Association
Mu Zeta (Lock Haven)
Alumni Association
Mu Xi Alumni Association
Mu Xi (Penn College)
Alumni Association
Nu Gamma Alumni Association
Nu Gamma (Vermont)
Alumni Association
Nu Theta Holding Corps.
Nu Theta (RPI)
House Corps.
Nu Xi Alumni Association
Nu Xi (Southern Maine)
Alumni Association