Distinguished Alumni

Alumni Recognition Program

The Distinguished Service Chapter shall consist of alumni who have served the national fraternity, its chapters, alumni associations, alumni chapters, trust funds, foundation or other operational affiliates in a superior and unusual manner.

The Distinguished Alumni Chapter shall consist of alumni who have contributed greatly to the advancement of their community and/or profession.

Election to these chapters shall be considered the highest honor which may be bestowed upon a member of Phi Mu Delta. Members of the National Council not holding certified membership in the Distinguished Service or Distinguished Alumni Chapters after the adoption of these criteria, in May of 1967, shall be ineligible for election as members of the Chapters during their terms of active service on the National Council.

Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Members of the Distinguished Service Chapter, which recognizes alumni for their dedicated service to the Fraternity, include:

* = deceased.

Fred W. Erdmann* (Nu Theta 1951), Past National President

Sidney A. Dimond* (Nu Beta 1943), Past National Councilman/Editor of The Triangle

Lloyd K. "Jack" Miller* (Gamma Gamma 1925), Past National President

Perce R. Appleyard* (Mu Alpha 1922), Past National President

J. Ralph Spalding* (Nu Gamma 1923), Past National Councilman/Editor of The Triangle

Edson M. Bailey* (Nu Beta 1923), Past National President

Leroy J. Higgins* (Nu Beta 1923), Past National Councilman

Albert D. Nutting* (Nu Epsilon 1927), Past National Councilman

Richard T. Lassiter* (Nu Delta 1924), Past National Secretary/Editor of The Triangle

Robert C. Lomison (Mu Zeta 1977), Past National President/Chairman of Triangle Trust Fund

Owen J. Sanderson (Mu Delta 1954), Past National Vice President

George E. LaTour (Nu Eta 1960), Past Executive Director/Editor of The Triangle

James A. Vitale (Mu Epsilon 1961), Past Executive Secretary/Editor of The Triangle

William H. Wilson (Mu Epsilon 1958), Past National President/Past Chairman of Trust Fund

Ronald H. Jury* (Mu Zeta 1972), Past National President

Peter A. Akerman (Nu Beta 1980), Nu Beta Chapter Advisor

Stephen MacDougall (Nu Xi 1973), Past National Traveling Secretary

Brian W. Gallup (Mu Alpha 1970), Treasurer of Alpha Sigma Omega, Inc.

Walter R. Hartfield, (Nu Zeta 1961), Past National Councilman

John A. Roberts, Jr. (Mu Zeta 1972), Past National Secretary

James Murphy (Nu Omicron 1974), Past National President

John E. Klay (Mu Beta 1969), Treasurer of Mu Beta House Corps.

Members of the Distinguished Alumni Chapter, which recognizes alumni for their contributions to their profession and community, include:

Emilio G. Collado* (Nu Delta 1931)

Roger M. Blough* (Mu Alpha 1925)

French M. Schwemmer* (Mu Beta 1926)

Maurice C. Bond* (Nu Gamma 1920)

John Wilbur Armstrong* (Nu Gamma 1920)

Kenneth Pratt Morse* (Nu Delta 1926)

Austin J. Paddock* (Gamma Beta 1929)

William M. Gardner (Nu Beta 1970)

John Rigas (Nu Theta 1950)

Gerald Francis Burrill* (Nu Epsilon 1929)

James E. Carnes (Mu Epsilon 1961)

John K. Tsui (Mu Epsilon 1960)

Dan Gwadowski* (Nu Xi 1976)

Edward C. Dupont (Nu Beta 1971)