Payments & Fees

Fee Type
How it is Calculated
Due Date
Initiation Fee
 The Initiation Fee is $300 for each Initiated Member.  Each new member is invoiced after the Induction Ceremony.
 Two Weeks before the date of the Initiation Ritual.
Induction Fee
The Induction Fee is $30 for each New Member put through the Induction Ceremony. The chapter is responsible for submitting this fee.
Due immediately after the Induction Ceremony
 Brotherhood Service Fee (BSF)
The current BSF is set at $100/active member. The Chapter only pays for those members who are actively enrolled.  Members who are studying abroad, on internship or student teaching are still considered active members.  

September 7 and February 7

 Liability Insurance Fee
 Each chapter's Liability Insurance Fee is based on the number of members expected to return in the Fall term.  This number is reported by May 1 in the End of Term Report.  
 October 1
 Chapter Service Fee (CSF)
The current CSF is set at $600/chapter or colony, regardless of membership size.
 September 7 and February 7
 Conference Registration Fee
 All registration fees are announced in October, with registration opening on April 1.  Fees are set depending on number of members required to attend and location of the Conclave (even years) or Sapphire Leadership Institute (odd years)
Registration opens April 1

How Your Dues are Spent

The National Headquarters:
1) Maintains all databases including active and alumni rosters for all chapters
2) Answers and relays all official correspondence for the fraternity
3) Creates and prints all official materials and distributes them to alumni and the undergraduate chapters
4) Supports the daily activities of the Fraternity
5) Visits all chapters and colonies throughout the school year, supporting their goals and development
6) Trains alumni advisors and associations
7) Develops and trains all leadership programming for alumni and undergraduate members
8) Generates bills and collects dues from chapters, colonies, and alumni associations