Forms & Reports


Membership Reports

 Membership Report
Who Submits
 Initiation Report
VP of MembershipGrants full membership to those men who have accepted their bid and have participated in the Induction Ritual. Due with all Initiation Fees paid TEN DAYS prior to Initiation
 Induction Report
 VP of Membership
Begins the process of Initiation for all Inducted New Members
Due within 48 hours of the Induction Ritual with the $30/Inductee Induction Fee sent to HQ immediately
 New Member Biography
New Member
 New Member fills out after Induction Ceremony to ensure proper billing and record keepingNew Member fills out after Induction Ceremony
Voluntary Withdrawal Form
 VP of Membership
 Any member who wishes to voluntarily withdraw his membership from the Fraternity.
 Member must submit form to the National Office.  File should be saved and uploaded using the Upload Supporting Documents link.
 Expulsion Report
 Chapter Advisor or VP of Membership
 Begins the process of expelling a member from the Fraternity and ensures proper procedures were followed.
 Submit documentation of the Judicial Board findings and official vote of Chapter/Colony to expel the member from the Fraternity.


Initiation Report

 Chapter Advisor or VP of Membership & Potential Initiate
 Begins the process to Initiate a Faculty, Staff, Administrator, or worthy male who otherwise does not qualify for collegiate membership.
Potential Alumni Initiate will submit form with support from Chapter Advisor or VP of Membership

Chapter Reports

Chapter Report
Who Submits
Chapter Accreditation ReportPresidentThis report serves to demonstrate that the chapter/colony is operating at expected levels.Submitted by May 15 and December 10
End of Term Report
 President or VP Membership
This report notifies the National Office of which members are graduating at the end of the term and how many men the Chapter anticipates returning for the following term. In addition, we collect important data pertaining to chapter activities.
 Submitted by December 1 and May 1 ensure proper Service Fee and Insurance invoicing and roster updates for the National Office.
 Chapter Advisory Board Roster
 Chapter Advisor
This report details the six Chapter Advisory Board members, their positions and directory information.
Submitted by October 1 or anytime a new Chapter Advisory Board member is added.
Officer's Roster
 VP of Administration
This report details the five Executive Board members, their positions and directory information.
Due by December 1 or anytime a new Executive Board member is elected.
President's Report
 Chapter President
This report details the goals, events, challenges and successes of the Chapter for that month.  
Submitted on the 10th day of each month that the Chapter is in session.